How Iqra Aziz Just Proposed to Yasir? Check This Out!

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are becoming so much open about their dating relationship and their new instagram post is the clear evidence of it. Before ahead Hania and Asim relation was becoming the main talk of the town. But now we have another name that is hitting the internet headlines for sure! Iqra and Yasir look adorable and cute when they are together and they vacation pictures are clear signal of the fact that something is really cooking between them.

In one of the interviews, Iqra Aziz had called Yasir to be his true friend and said that how he has helped her in coming out from worst depression. But the recent Instagram post of Yasir Hussain opens the secret that they are more than a normal friend. Check out Yasir Hussain latest Instagram post!


Well the story does not end up here! Iqra Aziz comment was the main highlight of this post that made everyone got crazy. Check out! You would be much more excited to learn that in second season of Suno Chanda, the main cast will also have a new addition and this name is none other than “Yasir Hussain”. Get ready to watch them together!

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