Top Six Celebrities who use Nabila’s Zero Make-up !

Nabila is famous and Talented Pakistani make-up Artist. She is also a hair stylist. Her first salon was venture in 1986. Through the course of 30 years she redefined fashion, style and imagery in Pakistan. She has contributed exclusively to redefine the image of Pakistan media industry.

Recently she launched a make-up kit named “Zero make up”. It is a Face perfecting pallete. It is easy to use , convinient and affordable. It gives you natural and flawless look for every single time. It is simple system every woman has to use it. It is wonderful solution for all.

All you need is just a kit for entire face to make it a perfect zero make up look

Nabila said that he love reinventing that’s why she always introduces new trends

As zero stands for no imperfection .

Zero stands for no time wasting

Zero stands for a zero make up look.

Here are top 6 celebrities who use zero make up to look perfect and natural;

Zero make-up is available for every skin colour and face complexion in Just rupees Rs/ 4900 .

1- Mehwish Hayat

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2- Soniya Hussain

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3- Sana Javed

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4- Mahira khan

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5- Sadaf Kanwal

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6- Minal Khan

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