Hina Altaf Shares a Beautiful Message for People Struggling in Life

Everyone has their fair share of struggles in life but a high-quality outlook and confident mind-set can help you get through. Actress Hina Altaf has a hopeful and encouraging message for those who struggling in one way or the other.

In a thought-provoking Instagram post, she advised humans who are struggling that they are no longer alone.

 “I had a horrific addiction of saying we actors work so difficult ! After ultimately traveling for myself not for work. I realised something … you constantly suppose you’re the only one who has to deal with so much, you sense the stress and you get angry, frustrated or irritated,” she wrote.

The Marriyum Kaise Jiye actor continued “We all are struggling in one way or another… We all have to deal with the stress in this economic world.”


Altaf added that notwithstanding the struggles, it is brave to wake up daily “And believe me we are blessed that we have been given braveness to wake up daily and work hard… Wake up day-to-day scent the espresso and seem at the sky and tell ourselves… WOW !!!! one more day to stay analyze and make reminiscences and journey life with distinct perceptions.”

The 25-year-old VJ turned actress fought her battles in lifestyles and came out as a robust woman, as published by using her in an interview. She left her house at an early age for emotional and financial steadiness and suffered from depression.

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