Heer And Shahmeer Now Married- Qurban Is Not To Be Missed

This year has been great for three actors namely Shahzad Sheikh, whose drama Khaali Haath and Alif Allah aur Insaan got him rave reviews, Iqra Aziz who too is appearing in one hit play after another and then the handsome lad, Bilal Abbas Khan whose Rasm-e-Dunya and O Rangreza made people sit up and take notice of his talent. And naturally with all three appearing in Qurban together, the drama was deemed a hit even before it began. And without any doubts, it is living up to all the expectations attached to it. 12 episodes down we are glad to see our prediction come true as even we cant get enough of Qurban and feel that the two hour episodes are still a little too less.

Heer And Shahmeer Now Married- Qurban Is Not To Be Missed

Qurban has been written by Zafar Mairaj; the writer whose stories are never flawed and are so well written that they immediately succeed in getting you involved in the plot. With their twists and turns, Mairaj’s stories make you eager to know what is going to happen next. Heer And Shahmeer Now Married- Qurban Is not To Be Missed.  As per recent developments in Qurban, Jamal (Bilal Abbas Khan) has lost his memories and forgotten Heer. And even though he has recalled a few things, he is yet to find out that Heer is now married to someone else.

Shahmeer (Shahzad Sheikh) and Heer are now married but luckily for Heer he has no interest in her and on the first night, he prefers to sleep. Shahmeer is not happy with the wedding as he too has been forced into it by his elders. With Heer breathing a sigh of relief. we like how she is never rude to her in laws and despite being still in love with Jamal, she is honestly trying her best to adjust.

Now on the other hand Jamal has lost his memory and is being taken care of by a girl who is a nurse and has fallen in love with him as he bears an uncanny resemblance to her first love. However, he is regaining bits and pieces of Heer in his mind but is yet to find out more about her. On the other hand, Heer is clueless about Jamal’s accident and thinks he betrayed her. However, we can’t help but feel for poor Heer as she is now stuck in a loveless marriage where her husband just wants to leave for China ASAP. What lies in China for him, we are yet to find out. Heer And Shahmeer Now Married- Qurban Is not To Be Missed.  But if you are thinking that Heer spends all her time mopping around then you are in for a surprise as she is quite pleasant and is slowly becoming friends with Shahmeer, as she helps him to go back to China soon so he can finish his studies as he desperately wants to.

Heer And Shahmeer Now Married- Qurban Is Not To Be Missed

So with Jamal having found his way to Heer’s house we cant wait to see what will happen when he discovers that she is married and what will Heer’s reaction be when she finds out that Jamal never really abandoned her. With a great cast on board, director Ahmed Bhatti is doing a superb job as he has managed to extract brilliant performances by every one including Laila Wasti and Rehan Sheikh. The pairing of Shahzad with Iqra is on point but with Bilal she shines bright.

So still going strong Qurban is a must watch every Monday at 8 pm only on Ary Digital.

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