Get Ready to Catch Four new Harry Potter e-books

Potterheads can have a good time as author j. K. Rowling has announced to launch a chain of non-fiction ebook shorts known as harry potter: a journey through.  

The announcement changed into made through pottermore’s website which says that the ebook editions will delve deeper into the wealthy history of magic. The bitesize memories are not sequels or do no longer focus on harry however are based on training taught at hogwarts and explores the origins of magic thru history and folklore.

Pottermore publishing will post the four e-books in the following few months. The primary pair of which, charms and defence in opposition to the dark arts and potions and herbology, may be launched on june twenty seventh. It can also be pre-ordered on amazon and apple.

About the brand new ebook collection, rowling stated that it will “take you again in time once more to study the conventional folklore and magic on the heart of the harry potter memories,” offering perception on diverse topics discovered at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry which include charms, protection in opposition to the dark arts, potions, herbology, divination, astronomy and care of magical creatures.


Rowling’s debut novel and the first in the harry potter collection harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone became the worldwide bestseller in 1997 and there’s no preventing the author when you consider that then who brought six more books to the series. She formerly admitted that writing is greater of a “want than a love” and is the biggest a part of her life. The fable series has stolen the hearts of the numerous round the sector and has improved right into a big franchise over time.

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