Juggan Kazim Mimicking On Alizeh Shah Ramp Fall

Juggan Kazim Mimicking On Alizeh Shah Ramp Fall. Juggan Kazim is an actress and a morning show host but she is also a mother to beautiful boys and has a beautiful family. It is the most fulfilling thing to spend time with your family and Juggan Kazim did just that on her birthday. Her husband and her boys made sure that the lady of the house feels special on her birthday and arranged a little party for her.

Soon to be Mom Juggan Kazim Revelas had Gender with the baby in a video with the child. Juggan Kazim is a Pakistani actress, TV host and YouTube character. She has worked in many Pakistani and Canadian films. She studied at Kinnaird College and King’s College in Canada and received a Bachelor of Arts in Media. She also holds the Cisco Certified Network Assistant certification.

Juggan Kazim Mimicking On Alizeh Shah Ramp Fall

Juggan is now a days hosting a morning show and often comes into the news because of her content. Lately, she has copied one of the viral fall of the actress Alizeh Shah in her show when she invited Shazia Manzoor on her show. It is to be remembered that Shazia Manzoor was also there when Alizeh Shah fell on ramp. She later held Alizeh in her arm to show her support. She also held Juggan when she mimicked Alizeh’s fall.

She has two sons. She married Feisal H Naqvi on June 27, 2013 and has a son Hassan with her. Now she is looking forward to it. After returning to Pakistan, she began hosting the show “Bean Bag” and she also designed and wrote the show. Since then, she has hosted many shows for various television stations in Pakistan. In March 2010, Qazim was named L’Oréal’s “Brand Ambassador” for its Garnier brand hair care and skin care products in Pakistan. In 2010, Juggan won Meri Unsuni Kahani’s Best Supporting Actress Award at the Pakistan Media Awards.

Juggan Kazim Mimicking On Alizeh Shah Ramp Fall

While Manzoor performed at the morning show the ‘Janam Jali’ actress stood up and toppled on the floor. It is to be remembered that recently, the famous incident took place where Alizeh Shah toppled during her walk at the ramp of Bridal Couture Week while Shazia Manzoor performed. It was clearly evident that Juggan was recreating the fall of Alizeh Shah making fun of her in her morning show.

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