Faysal Qureshi was hit on his back by a rubber bullet, when it was only meant to be shot at his jacket-protected chest.

Actor Faysal Qureshi has assured fans he will be fine after he recently sustained injuries while shooting a scene for his upcoming drama.

One of Faysal’s close friends, Rasikh Ismail Khan, described the whole incident on his Instagram stories and said that he was hit on the back by a rubber bullet fired from a short distance, which injured the actor. He added that Faysal was wearing the jacket on his chest to protect himself from the bullets, which were only supposed to be shot in his chest. However, during the take, Faysal accidentally turned around and was shot in the back.

Faysal was then taken to the hospital, where doctors advised him to get admitted for a while, but he returned to the sets and completed the whole scene with ‘utmost professionalism’, his friend added.

The video of the BTS has been doing rounds on social media and Faysal’s fans can’t stop praising him for showing professionalism and strength. The actor took to his Twitter to assure fans he will be fine.


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