Famous Pakistani Couples With a Big Age Gap

They say when you fall for someone than age becomes just a number. When it comes to a relationship mutual understanding and compatibility to the partner is of far more importance than the age difference between them. The compassion the couple has for each other decides the fate of the relationship instead of how much older one is than the other.


These couples have proven this fact to a great deal. These celebrities have not only excelled as single people but they have become a support system for their better halves as well by helping them become better in their fields.

Gohar Mumtaz and Anum Gohar

Gohar Mumtaz age is 36 years and Anum Gohar is 27 years old.Anum started her acting career after getting married to Gohar Mumtaz.

Famous Pakistani Couples With a Big Age Gap

 Waseem Akram and Shaniera Thompson

Waseem Akram is 52 years and Shaniera Thompsonm is 35 years old.They have a massive 17 years of age difference.

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan

Danish Taimoor is 35 years and Ayeza Khan is 27 years old.The couple is happily married with two beautiful kids.


Afzal Khan and Sahiba Afzal

Afzal Kha is  52 years and Sahiba Afzal is 46 years old. Afzal and Sahiba’s couple is still bubbly and jolly and they share a phenomenal chemistry even after so many years of marriage.



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