Fahad Mustafa is in Hot Waters of Criticism for Making Fun of sexual harassment on ‘Jeeto Pakistan’

Fahad Musafa is becoming one of the favorite hosts these days when it comes to taking the name of Jeeto Pakistan. But most of the times this actor over react so much on certain conditions that he did not get to know the fact that what actually he is saying. Same did happened in the couple of days back episode when he invited Faisal Qureshi and Aijaz Aslam in his show.

Fahad Mustafa jokes about sexual harassment in Jeeto Pakistan when Faisal and Aijaz tried to reach out with him and hold him from the back. This small joke grabs the attention of the social media and they threw their anger on him and criticize him for making fun of such a serious issue on the TV screen.

The host said:


“Men kal Facebook pe harassment ka case karun ga tum pe. Beta, ye in chal raha hai. Kal to dekho tum log.”

Now it is now known that whether he was making fun of serious topic or whether he was trying to point out on Meesha Shafi. But still being a celebrity making such lame jokes on TV is not okay!

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