Everything You Need To Know About Ayyan Ali’s Tattoos

Ayyan Ali is the famous super model of Pakistan. She started her modelling career at a very young age, and due to her elegant looks, the model rose to fame in no time. Back in November 2015, the super girl Ayyan was caught red handed when she was trying to smuggle $500,000 to Dubai.

Ayyan had a massive fan following in Pakistan. But the fashion model ruined her image when attempting to fly to Dubai with $500,000 in her luggage. During her modelling career, we used to think that tattoos on Ayyan Ali’s body are just for style. But when she was arrested in the smuggling case, the model revealed shocking statements about her tattoo.


Ayyan Ali Tattoos

Ayyan Ali tattoos

Ayyan told that the tattoos on her body were used as means of identification by the money laundering gangs she was working for. So Ayyan Ali’s tattoos were not for style, she got inked just for her smuggling job!

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