Eastern and Western Dress Collection in Dubai Fashion Show 2011

 Day 4 Of Dubai Fashion Week 2011 was a day of futuristic, the space collection  about strong women who wear what they want and how they want to. The entire collection of Eastern and Western Dresses on fourth day of dxb fashion show was eye-catching. Here’s a glimpse of the entire collection of dubai fashion show‘s 4th day.

Jaya Misra’s Navratna collection

Jaya Misra in Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Day 4 of Dubai fashion week opened with Jaya Misra with her Navratna collection that had her trade mark delicate embroidery. The colours she used were that of the nine precious gems of Indian mythology. The style of her creations was bohemian and chic.

Monatigne’s pret line Collection

Montaigne Collection in Dubai Fashion Week by Nasrine Dechache

Monatigne’s pret line gave preference to comfort with style on all levels by show casing simple t shirts and conventional jackets.Material used was denim, leather, jersey and cotton.

Arshys by Designer Arshia Khan


Arshys by Designer Arshia Khan in Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Arshys by Arshia Khan represented the visual of journey along the ages. The collection was very retro styled, the 80’s look fused with the bohemian chic style. The highlight was the use of leather in the crepe abaya.

Anum Moosa’s collection In Dubai Fashion Week

Designer Anum Moosa’s Collection in Dubai Fashion Week Day Four

Anum Moosa’s collection was fierce and edgy. It represented the woman who flaunted their dark side with confidence.Material used was leather, polyester and jersey.

EM-ME’s pret line Dresses 2011

Brand EM-ME by Designer Marie Carmen Fallah in Dubai Fashion Show 2011

EM-ME’s pret line emphasized on the effortless chic daily wear.It gave the aura of the carefree attitude. Materials mainly used was wool.
Aditi Jaggi Rastogi displayed a variety of innovative designs in his traditional indian wear collection. The dresses had a touch of the old glamorous Bollywood to them.

Priyanka Kakkar’s collection Ankyra In DXB Fashion Week


Priyanka Kakkar’s collection Ankyra flaunted youth and sensuality.The designs were elegant and the colours specially the turquoise one oozed class. the dresses were perfect for any formal or semi formal event.

Hadi Katra’s Collection in Dubai Fashion Week

HADI KATRA COUTURE Collection 2011 in Dubai Fashion Week Dubai

Hadi Katra was all about art in her collection that included many animal prints. She used laces, taffeta and satin in her dresses.

Fatima Mehdi Al-Majid’s Al Deseo In DXB Fashion Show

EL DESEO by FATMA AL MAJID in DXB Fashion Show 2011

Fatima Mehdi Al-Majid dazzled the audience with her Al Deseo collection which includeded 9 sets of beautiful abayas.The colour scheming were a variety of hues, a lot of gathers and foldings with detail were seen in the outfits.

Marayem Abbayas collection in Dubai Fashion Week

Marayem Abbayas Collection 2011 in Dubai Fashion Week Dubai

Marayem Abbayas collection was conventional and about adding style and colour to the basic black abaya.

Slouchy’z collection in Dubai Fashion Show Winter 2011

SLOUCHY’Z Collection 2011 at Dubai Fashion Show Winter 2011

Slouchy’z collection was very innovative and word has it that they are gonna be big very soon. Their creations trademark were gowns and dresses with cloaks or shawls in abayan style over them. This idea is being liked by alot of people in the East.

Asim Jofa’s collection in Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Designer Asim Jofa on the ramp of Dubai Fashion Week. A highly applauded show

Asim Jofa’s collection was simply gorgeous.His line consisted mainly of gowns and dresses made of chiffon, satin and silk that had sparkly embellishments and silver embroidery. The colours were bright and eye catching. Thumbs up for Asim Jofa.


Designer ADITI JAGGI RASTOGI’s Collection in Dubai Fashion Week Winter 2011


Source: Dubai Fashion Week 2011 Dubai

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