Third Day Of Dubai Fashion Week 2011 and Indian Fashion Designers

Third day of dubai fashion week 2011 started with the runway designs of the winners of Emerging talent who were six in total number. Their talent was appreciable and well praised.

Shrekahnth’s collection at Dubai Fashion Week

SHREKAHNTH In Dubai Fashion Week 2011 Day 3

Shrekahnth’s collection was the first to be seen after the talent show.It was very futuristic and her main inspiration seemed to be from the galaxy as the colours of her dresses were that of the planets of the solar system,stars, milky way etc. It reminded me alot of Katy Perry’s video E.T i had watched recently. Fabric used was basically silk.

Paula K added life to the ramp

Fashion Designer Paula K’s Collection in Dubai Fashion Week

Paula K added life to the ramp and very cleverly used her models to dance and twirl to the music to enhance the beauty of her dresses.Black colour dominated her collection with different modern bright colours on them like the rainbow. Her inspiration was rom the Lebanon’s heritage and mythology.

Faheema K’s collection “Gold Rush” in Dubai Fashion Show


Designer Faheema K in Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Faheema K’s collection “Gold Rush” represented her country South Africa’s mineral wealth. It oozed luxury and was delightful to watch. Very modern wear, embellished with sequins and stones. The golden tights design was was creatively matched with a layered bare shouldered printed black shirt.

Gulzeb presented the Eastern ethnic

Designer Gulzeb’s Collection in Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Gulzeb presented the Eastern ethnic inspired collection that depicted the beautiful culture. The lehngas were a beauty.The short dresses were glittery and hip, all the collection’s x factor were the shoes that enhanced the dresses.


Mumbai Se the luxury indian boutique

Designer Ekta Singh by Brand Mumbai Se in Dubai Fashion Week

Designers Hemant and Nandita by Mumbai Se in DXB Fashion Show

Meher and Riddhima By Mumbai Se in Dubai Fashion Week

Modest by Aisha Al Aleeli in Dubai Fashion Week Winter 2011

Mumbai Se the luxury indian boutique had four designers to show off its collection on the ramp. It had the inspiration from the jungle with the safari,desert and animal print look ( the leopard prints).They were accessorized with vintage belts and handbags.

Gaurav Gupta in Dubai Fashion Week

Gaurav Gupta in Dubai Fashion Week Day 3

Gaurav Gupta showcased his collection for the very first time in Dubai. His collection was inspired by the concept of fluidity in the world.Again very futuristic and very dramatic. Most of the collection was that of silk with paint splashed digital patterns and ruffles. The highlight was the traditional sari that was presented with a different twist i.e  gold chains replaced the traditional sash on the shoulder.

Source: Dubai Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011

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