Donald Trump just shared a video of himself as ‘Bahubali’

US President Donald Trump arrived in India on Monday as he began his much awaited two-day visit to the region. A size-able segment of the Indian population have expressed it’s excitement over this with crowds were lining up outside a giant stadium.

Certain nationalist parties got a tad bit too excited for The Donald’s arrival.

However it would be unfair to say that the ‘love’ was one sided. Trump himself has been stoked about the trip, as he announced that he was ‘looking forward’ to the trip tweeting a video of himself as Bahubali.

Yes you read that right. The’leader of the free world appears as a warrior fighting his way through hoards of soldiers while also sharing a chariot ride with First Lady Melania Trump. Still don’t believe it? See for yourself.


One particular scene also shows Trump carrying his son Donald Jr and daughter Ivanka Trump on his shoulders.

Naturally people were taken aback by this.


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