Bushra Ansari Confirms Her Divorce From Ace Tv Drama Director Iqbal Anasri

Veteran actor Bushra Ansari spilled quite a few beans about her life in a recent interview, except, she made sure they were well cooked.

In conversation with Ahsan Khan on a local TV channel, Ansari talked about her divorce for the first time. The actor got divorced 5 years ago and never shared the matter with her fans and she still refrained from sharing her struggles.

She shared that her personal life may disturb the fans who have an image of a healthy, positive family and happy marriage in their minds.

On being questioned about why she never talked about her divorce publicly, or whether she even told anyone the reason behind it at all, Ansari responded with the context of time she was coming from.

Ansari likened her hesitation to the fact that many people look up to her, just like senior actors such as of Rubina Ashraf, Samina Ahmad, Saba Hameed, Badu (Badar Khalil) and Uzma Gillani were an inspiration to her.

“Their lifestyle was the kind we idealised for our families. Likewise, our family lives have always been projected similarly and been made an ideal of – so whenever there is a disturbance in that construct, people become disturbed.”

Ansari did not blame the people for getting involved in her personal life or feeling disappointed by someone else’s personal matter, since the audience is always made an active part of a star’s life.

“I don’t blame them, I don’t get angry either, I know that happens. For example, although I don’t quote anybody’s personal examples, at one point in time Jamal Shah and Faryal Gohar were a very admired couple. Similarly, Tahira Syed and Naeem Bukhari were a very handsome couple – so when these couples separated, people became heartbroken.”


She tried to reiterate how the audience’s active involvement in the personal lives of celebrities often led to their loss of faith in love.

“The problem with being a celebrity is that like all our success, our problems become larger than life as well. So much that they become the success or failures of those who idealise us.”

Ansari added that there were problems in the lives of bankers and doctors as well, however, she did not want to reveal her problems because her fans might be disheartened.

“Because of these reasons, I never considered it important to share the reasons behind my divorce with the public,” concluded the star.

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