Farhan Saeed pays tribute to Bushra Ansari

Earlier, singer-cum-actor Farhan Saeed took it upon himself to honour some of Pakistan’s living legends. The Suno Chanda star, in an Instagram post wrote, “A pandemic has pushed the world to its limits. Racial differences have sparked outrage and so many revered innocent souls have left us.”

Saeed talked about how the whole world has united in celebrating the legends that passed away this year but forgot about honouring the ones it still has. “I wish to cherish their presence among us, and I wish to express gratitude for sharing this world with someone of their stature,” he said.


“I consider myself extremely lucky for having had the opportunity to work with the legendary Bushra Ansari on Udaari,” wrote Saeed. “For me, each scene and each frame with Bushra apa has been a learning experience.” He went on to claim that Ansari’s craft is ‘beyond skillful’ since she owns every role she enacts.

“Bushra Ansari’s services to Pakistan are immense. Her legendary career has spanned many a decade but with each role she brings forth a new dimension of excellence. Bushra apa, you are simply incredible – thank you for paving the path for us to walk. We love you!” concluded the Sila actor.

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