Bilal Lashari Got Praised By Ram Gopal Varma- Bilal Lashari Pictures On The set Of Waar.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma recently praised Pakistani movie ‘ Waar’ and Bilal Lashari  but confessed that he saw it on pirated DVD. , Ram Gopal Varma said that he want to salute Bilal Lashari.

Waar’ is one of the highest grossing productions in Pakistani film history. It Surpassed almost Rs 13 crore in 13 days

Ram Gopal Varma has requested Bilal Lashari to send the copy of the movie to all Indian filmmakers, in his tweet  on Sunday Oct,27 .

In a phone conversation between Ram Gopal varma and Bilal lashari, RGV mentioned travelling to Pakistan and working with Bilal Lashari on possible future productions.

At this time where other relations are sensitive between the two neighboring countries, it is good to hear the appreciation for the arts and special efforts of our filmmakers. It seems Pakistani directors have made progress where our leaders couldn’t.

It is a big truth that Bilal Lashari and other actors worked hard for the film’Waar’. Here we are sharing Bilal Lashari pictures on the set of ‘Waar’


Bilal Lashari Pictures On The Set Of ‘waar’:


Bilal Lashari 01Bilal Lashari 20Bilal Lashari 19


Bilal Lashari 18Bilal Lashari 17Bilal Lashari 14Bilal Lashari 13Bilal Lashari 12Bilal Lashari 11Bilal Lashari 09Bilal Lashari 08Bilal Lashari 07Bilal Lashari 06Bilal Lashari 04Bilal Lashari 03Bilal Lashari 05Bilal Lashari 15Bilal Lashari 10

Bilal Lashari Proved That He Is A Talented Director And He Has Shown A New Way To Pakistani Film Industry Towards Progression .

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