Best and Worst times of eatable items to prevent health issues

1- Banana

At lunch time it gives two benefits , first it strenthens your immune system and secondly it improves your skin. However while eating in dinner it may leads to mucous formation and disturbs digestion

2- Orange

In snacks it improves digestion as well as improves your metabolism. Oranges are rich in vitamin A and C . They also aid in heart health.

3- Apple

It contains a carbohydrate i.e pectin. In breakfast , pectin in it lowers blood sugar and lowers your cholestrol levels , however in night it is not as such beneficial because pectin is hard to digest  also increases stomach acid.

4- Nuts

At lunch they  lowers risk of blood pressure and keep heart healthy. As nuts are high in calories and fats. So eating at dinner it may leads to weight gain.

5- Rice

They are high in carbohydrates. So in lunch it gives you energy for whole day. On the other hand at night it also leads to weight gain.

6- Meat

It is great source of iron. Thus in lunch it reduces fatigue and vulnerability to disease.But at night it takes around 4_6 hours to digest . So can cause digestive damage.


7- Yogurt

At night it helps in fast digestion of dinner and curbs late_night snack craving. As in breakfast it causes acidity to empty stomach and has the potential to damage the stomach lining.

8- Tomato

In breakfast it improves digestion and increases metabolism. Pectin and Oxalic acid in it cause stomach swelling if eaten for the dinner.

9- Dark chocolate

In breakfast , the anti_oxidants in it reduce aging and risks of heart diseases. However at snack time it is dangerous , as body fat  increase.

10- Potatoes

It is the favourite vegetable of almost every person. It is rich in starch and minerals. In breakfast it lowers cholestrol level. At the same time potatoes are high in calories as compared to all other vegetables. It may lead to weight gain if taken in dinner.


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