Badshah drops new song, addresses plagiarism

Rapper Badshah skipped any sort of promotion for his new song, Ilzaam, and surprised fans by dropping the number unannounced. The song addresses the recent plagiarism accusation he has faced and more.

Badshah’s songs have mostly topped charts but somehow are slammed and treated as noise. Most recently, Badshah was caught in a plagiarism row over his single Genda Phool. The rapper was accused using lyrics from folk artiste Ratan Kahar’s Bengali song Boro loker biti lo in his video without giving him due credit.

Ilzaam from 3:00 AM Sessions deals with all this and more. The song opens with Kal tak sabka tha me pyaara, Aaj chor bangaya, gaana hit fir bhi inke liye, Shor ban gaya.


It is a rap that Badshah wrote during the ongoing lockdown. The song’s video, which mostly has footage of his gigs, also has him sitting and writing something in the corner of a room.

Badshah released the rap song on his YouTube channel on Monday and wrote: “3:00 AM Sessions is the most personal body of work I have been able to put together. It has stories, it has fantasies, it has ambitions, it has confessions. The only thing it does not have is lies. This is me with no layers. I am scared to put it all out but cant hold it back any longer. It is my redemption.”

The rapper has been churning out music on his channel since 2014.

“This is not the first song which I put on my channel. 3:00 AM Sessions is my most personal body of work, stories, experiences, confessions which I feel need to reach my fans in the most honest form and without any filters,” said Badshah. IANS

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