The King of Bollywood, Salman Khan with his Nephew Nirvaan feeling scared from corona lockdown

In a recent video on social media, bollywood actor Salman Khan, along with his nephew Nirvaan, talked about having a scary feeling during lockdown, according to Hindustan Times.

Salman said, “I haven’t seen my father for three weeks, Nirvaan hasn’t seen his father for three weeks. We are scared, and we are saying it with full bravery.”


The King of Bollywood then went on saying that the proverb ‘Jo dar gya woh margaya (Whoever is scared is dead)’, doesn’t hold true in the current coronavirus pandemic. He remarked, “Jo dar gia samjho margaya dialogue woh yahan apply nahi karta. Jo dar gia samjho bach giya air ussney bachalia (The dialogue doesn’t apply here. Infact whoever is cared is safe and is saving others).”

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