Awesome collection of earrings 2011

A woman is inseparable from Jewellery. There is hardly any woman who can deny the attraction of the glittering Jewellery.Earrings are the most important part of women’s Jewellery which always made women feel beautiful and confident.Women’s are passionate about earrings as they represent a symbol of femininity and even social status.There are many kinds of earrings which are common. The most common are of “Jhomka” Style.Various types of stones,beads and jewels are used in it.Mostly earrings are of Gold, Silver, Bronze and diamond. They are of different colors and styles.Heavy and long style earrings are mostly use in weddings and occassional functions while small earings are use in casual daily routine.




Earrings for girls




Tops for women



Champaign color earrings for girls


Earrings with red droplet for women


Stunning earrings for girls


Pair of earrinngs for girls


Earrings with green droplets



Dropping earrings for girls


Earrings in classic white


Diamond tops for women


Pair of earrings with pearls


Delicate tops for girls


Earrings with pearls and beads


Fancy earrings for girls


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