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To look and to feel beautiful is every woman’s right and no one can stop or take this right away from her. She has all the liberty to choose the jewelry she wants, to wear the clothes she has always dreamed of, to carry the bag of her own preference, without any interruptions from others.

But to keep you up to dated with the latest fashion trends is an important and crucial thing in itself. For example one should know the latest jewelry trends in the fashion industry for the respective year so that they could carry that jewelry accordingly and not look outdated or old fashioned.

WWW.STYLE.PK is once again here with the perfect jewelry trends for the year 2012 to aware its viewers and all the readers about the latest know how of jewelry trends in the market. So all those jewelry lovers out there, you MUST have a look at these trends if you want to look up to dated and trendy this year.

The best thing about handmade jewelry is their low prices. They can be afforded by majority of the women. They look even more beautiful than jewelries made by machines because when they are made by a person, that person carefully focuses on each and every part of the jewelry so that no defects can be found later. They are cheap but looks even more beautiful than other expensive jewelries

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Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

The best thing about pearl is that they never fade their color and they go with almost every dress; be it eastern or western. They give a very delicate look to one’s personality and dressing style.
Stones on the other hand are usually used to make heavy jewelries for important occasions like wedding, formal gathering etc. They are easily available in different colors and are still in the fashion trends this year.

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 Pearl and Gemstone Bracelet

Bright colors always appeal to others and they let you outshine in the whole crowd. These eye catching colors are also used in making jewelries. Gone is the time when women used to wear matching jewelry with the dresses of their color, today the fashion is to wear anything that looks good whether it goes with your dress or not, whatever is beautiful will definitely look good IF you carry it confidently. Confidence is a MUST!

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 Bright Colored Jewelry trends for the year 2012

Flora and fauna designs are very famous nowadays. The reasons behind their popularity are the facts that they provide you a fancy look and they go with both eastern and western wear. Many designers have now come up with beautiful flora and fauna designs using the gemstones, pearls and beads

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 Flora and Fauna Jewelry Designs

Classic and antique jewelries have never lost its demand. They were, they are, and for the upcoming years, they will be in the top 10 jewelry trends. Women now prefer wearing antique jewelries more than wearing GOLD as it is risky in the current situation of the country and also it gives a heavy look. While on the other hand, these antique jewelries are easily available in a variety of designs and colors at a very affordable price and they look perfect with every dress.

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 Antique Jewely Trends for the Year 2012


Aqua color refers to the color light blue or sea blue. This color is a symbol for peace, patience and coolness. Light blue color is very much used by the jewelry designers nowadays and they for sure will remain in the market for the upcoming years. Aqua colored bracelets and rings look stunning

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 Aqua/ Blue Colored Jewelries

In the early era, these cross necklaces were worn only by Christians as it is their religion’s symbol but now it is worn and preferred by many women. Even men are found wearing such necklaces nowadays. They are designed in a way to give a fancy look and they look perfect with western dressing.

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 Cross Designed Jewelry

Platinum can be symbolized as loyalty. It is mostly used in wedding rings and heavy necklaces. The best thing about them is that they don’t fade their color for a longer time period as compared to others. They are famous for its beauty and the perfect SPARKLE which forces everyone to look at the person wearing the jewelry
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 Classy Platinum Jewelry Trends

The famous quote, “DIAMONDS ARE FORVER” is not just a quote but it’s a fact! Diamond is considered to be a girl’s best friend. They are loyal in providing good quality and sparkle to its users. Diamonds are usually expensive but it is worth spending your money on a diamond than on buying cheap jewelries that fades in a month or two.

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 Trendy Diamond Sets for Women

Gemstone jewelries are very much preferred by brides nowadays. They are cheap and can be afforded by almost everyone and you can even customize it with the color of your dress at a very low charge for coloring. Coloring is done at any ordinary jewelry shop from where you buy these jewelries. That is the main reason why women prefers wearing artificial jewelries than wearing gold

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 Bridal Jewelry for Women

White pearl jewelry is the perfect jewelry for every woman. It provides a very delicate look and it goes with every dress. White pearl necklaces are very much in nowadays and they look awesome when you wear it with a long shirt or a kurti with skinny jeans or churidaar pants. Pearl bracelets look stunning too.

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 Elegant Pearl Set for Women

Follow the above jewelry trends to keep yourself up to dated with the latest fashion trends and to look beautiful and trendy after all style is all about being up to dated and being confident about what you wear 🙂

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