Atif Aslam, RFAK thank the doctors fighting corona, they call them ‘true soldiers’

Popular singers Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recently uploaded videos for their fans and all the doctors globally to provide their take on the current crisis. Both the stars thanked all the medical practitioners fighting the war against coronavirus and called them soldiers of the current world.

He added, “Just imagine for a bit, that these people do not exist, then the cures will also cease to exist. I pray that God protect them and their families from any sorrow and despair.” He further warned those who are still going outside, thinking highly of themselves, of ‘nature’s wrath’.


He said, “And why shouldn’t nature intervene? Six-year-old girls aren’t safe anymore. People are corrupting. And given the current circumstances, imagine a little girl saw her own parents die in a war-field and said, ‘I will complainto God about this,’ then God would have certainly heard her.”

He then made prayers for those who are obliged to go abroad to earn right now, along with the families who can’t even afford two meals in a day. “I pray that God extend your blessings,” said Aslam.

He then told the doctors who are stressed because of the current situation to send in their song requests so him so he can entertain them in these difficult times.

RFAK also made similar remarks in his recent video. He said, “The whole world fighting against coronavirus right now and no cure or vaccine is available at this point. So we all need to take precautions like not go outside and wash our hands.”

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