Atif Aslam plans to conduct International Concerts

Atif Aslam is one of the most acclaimed and famous Pakistani singers. This man has gotten immense success both in Pakistan and across the border in India.

Indian Concert of Atif Aslam

When the news came out that the concert of Atif Aslam in India has been canceled, I was very shocked. He has always been my favorite singer. Atif has spent many years in Pakistan tv industry and has gained tremendous success. He is a charming, hard working, and young celeb of the country.

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Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam has always been known for his impressive personality and melodious voice. He is a singer as well as famous and top notch musician. Atif is one of the men who was all set to perform in a concert in Pune, India last month. It is very unfortunate that he was pressurized by the Indian political parties to not continue his concert. The leading singer of Pakistan was threatened by one of the leaders of Indian politics named Adesh Bandekar.


In one of the interviews, Atif Aslam enemies and a female blogger said:

The neighboring country is sending terrorists to India, blasting bombs, attacking our Parliament, then how do we welcome their artistes”.

Atif Aslam planning new concerts

Shiv Sena from India has been reported to threaten the celeb of Pakistan in words that they will take actions if Atif didn’t stop his efforts to conduct music concerts in their homeland. Due to all such reasons, Atif is now planning to conduct some international concerts. For making it possible, he is having a word with a number of concert organizers in the developed countries already.

We wish you good luck Atif Aslam and hopefully you will not take risk of life in India or any other states while doing your performance.

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