Asad Siddiqui Opens up about his Experience Working with Wife Zara Noor in Chhalawa

Asad Siddiqui is one on-screen character who has consistently turned out to be perpetually unmistakable on the showbiz radar since first showing up in Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat. The smooth and attractive star has a various arrangement of comic and genuine jobs surprisingly, and in a demonstration of his flexibility, he has even done well playing characters with negative shades. As of late featuring in fruitful TV arrangement Tawaan and Balaa, Asad was likewise seen in the symbol of a cheery, sentimental performer in Wajahat Rauf’s web arrangement Enaaya prior this year. Presently, he is good to go to make the jump to the extra large screen with the forthcoming Eid-ul-Fitr discharge Chhalawa.

Asad talked finally about his experience chipping away at the movie, which like Enaaya is coordinated by Wajahat Rauf and furthermore includes Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman. “I am pretty siphoned up about Chhalawa – the group was incredible to work with, as beforehand we had built up extraordinary compatibility on the arrangements of Enaaya,” he enthused, including that working with the troupe cast ended up being a wonderful encounter. “Mehwish (Hayat) is an exceptionally senior and set up artiste who I regard enormously, much the same as Azfar (Rehman) and obviously Mahmood Aslam sahab. I got the opportunity to become familiar with a lot on the sets, and the good to beat all was that I got the chance to work with (spouse) Zara (Noor Abbas).”

Asad shares an agreeable chemistry with his better half Zara Noor, all things considered, as is clear from their various open appearances together. We really wanted to think about whether the star couple figured out how to make an interpretation of that to the reel also. “This was my first experience working with Zara on a real creation, so I was somewhat anxious and energized. I had known her by and by truly well, yet never did I see her perform on a real set. Working with her, I was overpowered and totally amazed by how expert and colossally capable entertainer she is. The solace level between us was truly elevated, and I have almost certainly that Zara is an extremely extraordinary prospect for our industry.”


The film clearly includes two parallel sentimental tracks: that of Asad and Zara Noor, and of Azfar Rehman and Mehwish Hayat. “My character is a crucial one for the film, I am playing a companion of Azfar’s who gives him new thoughts and furthermore gets him out of dilemmas. En route, he meets Zara’s character and their sentimental track, alongside Mehwish and Azfar’s, is the thing that the film is about.”

Asad summed up his experience and noted “What incredible cast and film toward the beginning of my motion picture profession. I’m appreciative to Wajahat who thought about me for the character. It’s been a treat and a magnificent adventure. I am appreciative to Allah for such a chance.”

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