Armeena Rana Shut Down Haters for Trolling her Twitter Tweets

Once again we have the Armeena Rana Khan on the hit list of the trolling audience and hitting them back with her statements. Armeena Rana is definitely becoming a social networking sensation these days where this actress has been always grabbing the attention of the social media users with her Twitter statements or getting into tiff fight with the neighboring actresses all the time.

But this time she is giving explanation to her own followers who are targeting her for her Twitter statements all the time. This is what Armeena Rana has to say to her trolling followers:


Well we don’t think so that for any celebrity staying active on the social media and Twitter account is a bad thing to do talk about. Every single person has its own set of opinion and they have the right to keep the opinion in front of the world as well.  What do you think?    

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