Armeena Khan Shuts Down Trolls

Armeena Khan Shuts Down Trolls, LAHORE – Recently Armeena Khan had slammed ‘amateurism’ in hate reviews directed towards her dressing. And just when we thought the hate stream towards her was over, it started again in a method of exploitations hurled towards the actor.

Armeena Khan Shuts Down Trolls, However, what ensued next was a fascinating sight to see. Armeena Khan attempted her haters and least to say in a language easily Understandable by the offenders.


Armeena Khan Shuts Down Trolls

Armeena Khan Shuts Down Trolls, one person twittered:

To which Armeena Khan replied:

Another had a similar point of view:

And this was the reply:


The series of tweets sustained until one person resorted to vulgar linguistic.

Armeena Khan had a very calm, but poised reply towards this.

Needless to say, she tackled her abusers brilliantly.

Armeena Khan Shuts Down Trolls, a Pakistani actor’s life is in the eye of the public constantly. And while we love Pakistani famous actors from across the world for their dressing and chic statements, somehow our values revert exponentially while looking at our own ‘female’ actress.

Why this difference though? Is there any valid reason to it except our own made up loyalty and male chauvinism?

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