American expats review Parey Hut Love & Superstar

Last year’s romantic comedy, Parey Hut Love (PHL) had everyone head over heels with its aesthetic appeal and wedding tracks. Regardless of whether the storyline was up to the mark or not, people danced to its songs at weddings while replicating the set design.

However, recent Twitter threads are questioning if the song is actually a ‘copy’ of a Spanish track Sofia by Alvaro Soler.

It all started when this Twitter user shared her disdain, “Haye Dil by Jimmy Khan is such a catchy song and I was wowed that Pakistanis came up with it. Until a friend showed me the Spanish song they copied the tune of. Great.”

However, what many missed out is the fact that the music of the track was composed by Azaan Sami Khan with the lyrics being penned by Asim Raza. But Azaan has not responded to the query as of yet.

Nevertheless, Jimmy provided his explanation to The Express Tribune, “I don’t know if the melody and composition were copied since I just sang the song and had nothing to do with its production. Some inspirations may have been taken but I can’t say anything about it being plagiarised.”



The Baarish singer sounded as stunned as everyone else on Twitter, as people continued to respond to the user who pointed out the similarity, which was quite uncanny.

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