Audience Reacts To Nida Yasir Latest Blunder In GMP

Audience Reacts To Nida Yasir Latest Blunder In GMP. Pakistani host Nida Yasir’s lavish birthday bash took place lately. The celebrated showbiz personality made sure to invite prominent members of the showbiz sector to make the occasion a grand one. However Nida has now revealed that she ended up getting a lot of promising gifts on her birthday and the stunning public figure made sure to shed light on the gifts that her better half Yasir Nawaz brought for her.

Nida Yasir is a TV host, producer and actress from Pakistan. Nida Yasir Shared Her Umrah Experience In A Recent Interview, Nida has appeared in several popular dramas on Pakistani television. She is married to actor and director Yasir Nawaz and runs a studio with her husband. She also hosted the famous morning show “Good Morning Pakistan” on ARY Digital.

Nida has remained under the limelight for several reason. This time around, Nida Yasir has became the talk of town after her recent blunder. A clip of Nida from GMP is lately making rounds on social media which shows Nida Yasir referring Intermittent fasting as Intermediate fasting.

Nida had asked her sweetheart to not pamper her with expensive gifts however the affectionate man still gifted his spouse exquisite jewelry and perfume. She is an appreciated Pakistani television Host, Producer, and former Actress who preferred to continue hosting instead of acting. In the early 2000s, she got married to another notable star Yasir Nawaz who is an actor and director. The couple is blessed with 3 Children.

Audience Reacts To Nida Yasir Latest Blunder In GMP

Nida and Yasir both have talked about this in recent interviews. They shared that they both have made compromises to make their marriage work in the earlier years and how Nida has always given her family priority over her career. It was the couple’s wedding anniversary and they did a romantic photoshoot at the beach with a few clicks with their little one Balaj in the mix.
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