Fans Defend Ali Azmat Wardrobe Malfunction Controversy in PSL 2019 Ceremony

As the PSL 2019 ceremony was started so many highlights step up to grab the attention of audience. But the major highlight was Ali Azmat performance with a controversy! Ali Azmat along with his band Junoon performed in the PSL 2019 opening ceremony and the fans were much waiting around for their energetic performance as well. But something bad really happened that become the source of controversy or we would say a thing to notice in the eyes of Pakistan audience!

See what really happened!

Ali Azmat was so much involved and energy created in the performance whole time that he did not bother knowing that his wardrobe malfunctioning is happening on its way. He was continuously running on the stage to add a chill of energy in the audience where his tummy was visible and buttons of his shirt were open.


In this whole scenario some of the fans criticized him and troll him badly for being s careless. But at the same time some of the fans did appreciated his performance for being so energetic even at the age of 48 years old.

But all in his entire wardrobe malfunctioning definitely become the main highlight of the ceremony!

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