Junoon has Finally Released Its World Cup Anthem! Check this Out!

Junoon has rejoined after years for a tune ‘Choo Lay Asmaan’. Furthermore, that melody is none other than: the most anticipated, hymn of World Cup 2019! It is at long last here. Furthermore, we are similarly as energized as you to put it on rehash.

The greatest occasion of the cricket world, ICC World Cup 2019, kick begins on May 30 and finishes on July 14.  To make the occasion considerably more charasmatic, Junoon was restricted in to make the song of devotion a tune to recollect. What’s more, no uncertainty it is a snappy one! The video is brimming with soul. You may feel propelled by the vitality the video and melody appear to pass on. This tune is a vitality powerhouse!

Various societies and ways of life are appeared in the tune yet Pakistan stands joined for World Cup 2019. That is the excellence of Pakistan.  Junoon has not lost its appeal even after decades. Their coordination appears to be epic.


“This tune is for all Pakistanis. For every one of its residents, extraordinarily for individuals who are underestimated,” Ali had prior said and we can feel that through the tune now. So Ali was in reality completely right.

The video demonstrates the minorities of Pakistan in extraordinary light and that is exactly what we need from our music now. We don’t require simply soft melodies, we need solid messages! Furthermore, this tune is essentially a solid message itself.

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