Ahad Raza Mir Breaks His Silence About Ko Ko Korina Release Backlash

Ever since the time Ko Ko Korina has made itself to be the part of the Coke Studio, since that time Momina and Ahad Raza has been part of the strong and hard criticism. They have remained the main trolling center of attraction of the social media audience that disturbed these two young stars a lot.

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After so long time finally Ahad Raza Mir has spoken about the whole incident and has clear the smoke from the air. He expressed himself in a way with the statement as mentioned below:


Well on the basis of this statement we surely think so that he has been greatly disturbed by this act and the way he has been troll on the social media with huge criticism. Ko Ko Korina was the debut song of Ahad Raza Mir as the singer in Coke Studio along with Momina. Both of them faced the equal criticism for ruining such a legendary song where Momina was also caught in the tiff fight with the politician Shireen Mazari.

Well we would say that trolling not just effect the female celebrities but can even cause a great effect on the male celebrities too!

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