Aamir Liaquat Got Furious On A Traffic Constable

Aamir Liaquat Got Furious On A Traffic Constable. Aamir Liaquat has recently posted a video on his Instagram handle, where he was seen getting furious at a traffic constable in Karachi. The reason for him getting angry at the officer was stated by Aamir Liaquat in the Instagram post with his video.

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Aamir Liaquat Got Furious On A Traffic Constable

Aamir Liaquat got furious because the traffic constables and police officers were fining the public in his constituency without any reason. He said that he has caught many officers red-handed in a single day who were taking money from the public in lockdown.

Syeda Tuba Amir caused a sensation on social media. The controversial TV presenter and politician Dr. Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain is a well-known figure in the show business. In a short period of time, Tuba changed from Bol’s corporate affairs manager to a drama actor in the popular TV series Bharaas.

Aamir Liaquat Got Furious On A Traffic Constable

The video was first posted on Aamir Liaquat’s official Instagram account and later shared on different social media portals. Netizens were amused to see Aamir Liaquat in anger and posted fun comments on his video. Most of the social media users compared Aamir Liaquat with Salman Khan Iconic character Chulbul Pandey because of his get-up.

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