Malala Getting High Trolls from Indians and Pakistanis for her anti-war message

Malala Yousufzaii is getting high trolls for her anti-war message from Indians and Pakistanis! This is getting high now! Since the time Malala has been attacked by the terrorists she has been residing and finishing with her studies. But it seems like Malala has completely forgotten how to support her nation and be with them at the war condition. Her recent tweet has hurt the sentiments of both Indian and Pakistani nation.

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Malala straight away went for being the education activist in Pakistan to the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate in no time. She was all the way rescued from Pakistan and settled in United Kingdom after she was much attacked here. Hence this Nobel Peace Prize winner and Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations, is completely under fire since she left the country of Pakistan and is mostly trolled for her new abode. She has been trolled as for advocating the peace that is ridiculous stance by people who are aiming to put her down by considering this to be a justified opportunity. See what she has tweet about the war condition!


Do you support this tweet? Do you agree with her statement?

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