6 Hilarious Bike Scenarios You Would Love

If you are feeling bored, then I am sure our today’s article will make you laugh out loud! Pakistani people are among the most talented people in the world with the most artistic minds and this fact can be proved by today’s article about 6 hilarious bike scenarios.

The New Pathan Ben 10 Motorcycle

ben 10 bike

Everyone has a dream and this man has a dream to built his own Airplane. #BarayHokeJahazBanaonGa

funny motorbike

Don’t have enough money to load tree in the truck? Ahan, use your motorbike.

tree on bike


This uncle wants to travel like a Boss!


uncle on motorbike

This donkey had a long day, so needed someone to drop him home.

donkey on bike

No more crowded public transport and suffocation! This motorbike is a super cool alternative to buses and rickshaws.

longest motorbike

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