4 Times Aiman Khan and Minal Khan Proved to be a Perfect Sister Goal

Minal Khan and Aiman Khan just took sister perfect goals to another dimension. Before Aiman got married with Muneeb Butt, Minal remained by with her sister like the bestest companion. Here are multiple times they gave we all sister goals:

Sisters who travel together stick together. The sisters headed out to Hunza and Dubai before Aiman went from Miss to Mrs. Each single time they have went for the vacations they went together and give out some major sister goals.

Minal cried more than Aiman on her nikkah! She was always close by and resembled a stone. Exactly how sisters ought to be! Throughout the whole wedding ceremonies of Aiman Khan, Minal always remained on the front side to be her shoulder.

Minal ensured that Aiman’s wedding party was done effortlessly yet did not eclipse Aiman at all at all do her best to arrange everything perfectly.  No festival occurs without them being by the other. For instance, birthday events! They both give a perfect sister goal in this picture. How adorable they are looking!



The sisters set transformation goals together and prepped themselves alongside each other. Their make-up and their hair have enhanced big time since their high school years. The sisters have kicked each other up through everything. Without a doubt they have transformed so much since the time of childhood.

Well we all know that both these sisters are the big name of the showbiz world and somehow the sense feel of the rivalry will remain as well. But not on any point these two sisters have shown any jealousy and rivalry at any point towards each other. They have done projects together and on equal manner and today both of them are named to be the well known and finest actresses of the TV world. Currently, Aiman is married with TV actor Muneeb Butt and they are happily married together. We undoubtedly say that after Mawra Urwa, these two sisters are talked about to be the most leading in the showbiz world.

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