Top Reasons Behind Neelum Muneer’s Vulgar Dance Video

Neelum Muneer is a well-known Pakistani actress. She is young, talented, beautiful, and above all, a great actress. She has played roles in super hit drama plays like Jal Pari, Aankh Macholi, Ashk, and Rang Laaga.

Neelum Muneer recently made headlines after her vulgar dance video on song “Mahi Ve” was leaked online. The video spread on social media like fire and all of us were shocked to see her dancing in car. If you haven’t watched the video, here it is:

Neelum Muneer’s Car Dance Video Was A Publicity Stunt & Here’s Why!


According to some people, it was a publicity stunt by Neelum. Her film with Ahsan Khan “Chupan Chupai” is releasing in a few months, so Neelum took this bold step to make herself famous on social media which will directly benefit her upcoming film :p

If you have watched the video, you might have noticed that the video is crystal clear and Neelum is doing the dance, knowing she is being recorded on the mobile cam. While dancing, she is 100% aware that the person sitting close to her, is recording her dance moves. Clear?

Now everyone is blaming her friend for leaking the video on the internet. But does it make any sense? Neelum is not an insane girl! She has vast experience in this field, and an actress would never dance with this much vulgarity in front of someone who is not close to her. It means the person making the video is very close to Neelum and that’s the reason Neelum is dancing comfortably infront of him/her and letting him/her shoot the video.

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