17 Youngest Pakistani Celebrity Moms

Ladies from the Pakistani TV, Fashion and Film industry have proven themselves to be good at everything from doing commercials to acting and modelling. However, they have also proven themselves as good mothers and made it to the list of

Youngest Pakistani Celebrity Mothers

  • Juggan Kazim

To a lot of wonders, the very bubbly Juggan Kazim is mother to a 12-year-old. She has been a single mother until 2013, when she got married for the second time.

Juggan Kazim - Beautiful Celebrity Mom

  • Fozia Aman

One of the first models to do the fashion shows in Pakistan, Fozia Aman is a mother to Mekayl who is four now and Shasraiz who is just a year old. However the elder son is out of her first marriage that didn’t last long.

Fozia Aman with son

  • Cybil Chaudhry

Cybil Chaudhry is well-known model of Pakistan Fashion Industry, and with two sons, she has also made it the list of celebrity moms.

Beautiful Cybil Chaudhry With Son


  • Momal Shaikh

Veteran actor Javed Shaikh’s daughter, Momal Shaikh recently was in news for being a very dedicated mom when she celebrated her son, Ibrahim’s first birthday. The actor probably has it in the genes from her father that made her appear on the Youngest Celebrity Moms list.

MomaShaikh and Son

  • Mehreen Raheel

Mehreen Raheel who has been a little out of scene these days has well-maintained her physique and skin. She is one of the youngest moms in the showbiz with a daughter and son.

MehreenRaheel and Kids

  • Zhalay Sarhadi

Number 12 on the Youngest Pakistani Celebrity Moms listicle is our very-loved Zhalay Sarhadi. With a successful marriage, a daughter and lots of good work from her, she has proven to be an all-rounder.

ZhalaySarhadi and Daughter

  • Nadia Hussain

The “name-it-and-she-has-done-it” Nadia Hussain is a dentist, dermatologist, actor, model, stylist, beautician, dress and shoe designer is unbelievingly mother to four extremely talented kids, which is quite a lot seen on the morning shows. The lady truly has the spirits to top the list at everything with her talent, versatility and well-maintenance.

NadiaHussain and Kids

  • Dua Malik

Actor Humaima Malik’s sister and the mother to singer Sohail Haider made it to the list with her flawless skin and features of a doll’s. The beautiful is mother to a year old Ziyara and just-born Ali.

Dua Malik with Daughter and Son

  • Sunita Marshall

The award-winning model Sunita Marshall comes on number 9 on the list of Youngest Pakistani Celebrity Moms with her two kids. Despite all the motherhood, she managed to win the award.

SunitaMarshall and Kids


  • Sarwat Gilani

Sarwat Gilani has made it to yet another list for holding her responsibilities as a mom very firmly. One of the youngest celeb moms, seen being active socially and professionally even though her son keeps her busy, is what she portrays really well.

SarwatGilani and Son

  • Fatima Effendi

The social media addict Fatima Effendi is on number 7 on the youngest looking moms list. Her love for son, Almir, is quite obvious with her videos and photo sharing on Facebook and Instagram.

Fatima Effendi Beautiful Celebrity Mom with Son

  • Mehreen Syed

Ever gorgeous Mehreen Syed is seen flaunting her love for her daughter Aman, where the duo keeps twinning with dresses. With all this adorable motherhood, the lady has made it to the youngest looking celebrity moms.

MehreenSyed and Daughter

  • Meesha Shafi

Yes. Very undoubtedly, the rock star is also an amazing mother to not just one but two bundles of joy, yet making her name obvious in the showbiz at such young age.

Meesha Shafi and Kids -  Beautiful Celebrity Mom

  • Ayeza Khan

She is probably the most-talked-about mother since the birth of her baby, Hoorain who is a total packet of adores. The baby is one now and the mother is already seen working on the TV. A truly talented, focused and young celebrity mom Ayeza Khan is.

Ayeza Khan Daughter Hoorain - Beautiful Celebrity Mom

  • Mahira Khan

The flawless bundle of all-in-one, prettiest Mahira Khan has made it to the Top 3 on the list of Youngest Pakistani Celebrity Moms with her son, Azlan.

Mahira Khan  - Beautiful Celebrity Mom

  • Syra Shahroz

Well she is probably the youngest anyhow, with those purely cute looks and never-aging skin that can be seen definitely transferring to her baby Nooreh. Syra Shahroz is at number 2 on Youngest Celebrity Moms in Pakistan.

Syra Shahroz - Beautiful Mom

  • Aamina Shaikh

Born to the most-talented and versatile couple, Meisa has made her mom, Aamina Shaikh top the list of Youngest Pakistani Celebrity Moms.

Aamina Sheikh  Daughter - Beautiful Celebrity Mom

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