Veena Malik Appointed IHRC Goodwill Ambassador

Veena Malik has been appointed as the ambassador for Human Rights Commission. This lady of Pakistan, or we may be can call of Bollywood, has always been in news. I am sorry to say but Veena’s repute is not good at all just because of her bold and bad acting, rude behavior, and some unpredictable acts in Indian films and for Indian magazines.

Veena Malik is Now the Ambassador

This is absolutely true that Veena Malik is now the ambassador of the brand. She has said in an interview that whenever she and her husband had fights, he always gave her diamond ring to make the things work nicely. In one of the ceremonies she attended in Islamabad, the chairman of International Human Rights Commission, Dr. Shahid Amin Khan, appointed Veena Malik as ambassador. Well, this was a nice moment for the lady and her husband Asad Bashir Khan. He is also appointed as the commission ambassador. It seems that Veena has made her permanent place in Pakistan, and now we think she would not go back to India.

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Veena Malik Appointed IHRC Goodwill Ambassador

Veena and Husband Living Good Lives

People say the husband, Asad, loves Veena a lot. He has always admired his lady with positive words. The couple is enjoying good time together, and now even has a baby. We wish Veena good luck for her life, and our expectations with her are that she would not make us feel unhappy again with the same bold and hot performances of Bollywood. I don’t think the husband would even allow her to go back to India.

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Veena Malik Appointed IHRC Goodwill Ambassador

The little boy of Veena looks exactly like his mom. Why not, a mother always works hard to keep her baby secured and protected from the outside world. And I expect Veena would give him good training.

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