Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Supporting Same Sex Marriage

Most of us know that the US government has passed a marriage bill in which couples with same sex can also marry. This was a shocking bill passed by the US government. Some people including famous celebrities are in favor of this bill while some people are against it.

Today will tell you about famous Pakistani celebrities who are supporting same sex marriage. So let’s see who are these famous personalities. Most of the celebrities have colored their social id pictures with LGBT’s (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) rainbow color.

Veena Malik

Celebrity Wedding 2013-Veena

Veena Malik is the first Pakistani celebrity who openly announced that she supports gay marriage. She said:

I openly support gay marriage and I don’t feel shy on supporting this matter openly.

She further said:

Every person has the right to live their life. If US President Barack Obama can stand up to support LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) marriage, then why can’t we?

Salma Alam

salma alam shehzad roy wife


Salma is a former VJ and wife of famous singer Shehzad Roy. She is the supporter of same sex marriage and has colored her social media pictures with LGBT’s rainbow color.

Ayesha Fazli

ayesha fazli ali zafar wife


Ali Zafar’s wife has colored her social media id’s pictures in LGBT’s rainbow color. This shows that she is also a supporter of gay marriage.

Shireen Mazari’s Daughter

shireen mazari daughter

Politician Shireen Mazari’s daughter Imaan Mazari is also supporting gay marriage.

So these are the Pakistani celebrities who are supporting gay marriage. Do you support this bill passed by US government or are you against it?

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