Upcoming Pakistani film Kaptaan ( The making of the Legend )

Pakistan’s film industry is now compatible with bollywood film industry. Also many of Lollywood actors and actoresses worked in bollywood films while some others from Lollywood are still working with bollywood industry. 2017 is game changer year for Pakistan’s film industry . This year Biggest projects are taken for cinematography  to raise the standard of film industry. Though topic of this film is not as usual it portrays a successful career of a person to inspire and motivate the public. It will develop Patriotism a well and a spirit to turn your ideas into reality. So it is all about enthusiasm.

There is an upcoming Pakistani film “kaptaan” (The making of a legend) expecting to be released in July 2018 . Its story follows the life of a politician and a former cricketer Imran Khan. He won the 1992 World cup tournament and got fame as a national hero of Pakistan . He engenieered a cancer hospital when his mother died of cancer . It portrays how he became first Chancellor of Bradford University to the building of Namal University. His life is inspirational and motivational. His historic success since the 1992 World cup till the current day is represented during this flick.


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Cast of film :

Abdul manan is playing the role of Imran khan , Saeeda Imtiaz as Jemima khan, Sonya jehan as Uzma khanum and Mehwish Nasir as Benazir Bhutto.

The film is currently in its completion phase. The film is directed by Faisal Aman khan and produced by Asim khan and Farhat Faheem. The trailor has been released.

Director views :

The film story is on life of Imran Khan. This movie is not sponsered by PTI . It is an independent project. He also said that movie is not a part of election campaign of Imran Khan. This is a tribute to our national hero


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