Trends Of Men Kurtas For Eid Ul Fitr

Eid ul Fitr is all coming up just within few weeks so all the men and women are getting conscious about getting the best dress for this occasion. Just like the women, men are even getting crazy about to get the trendy looking outfits for them. Eid is religious and complete traditional occasion so possibly enough all the men will love to find the dresses that are complete eastern. Very few men make the choice of wearing western based dresses designs. Talking about Eid ul Fitr clothing for men we can never forget mentioning about kurtas. Kurtas have taken up many changes in the trends in the past few years. No doubt that kurtas are becoming one of the favorite clothing trends in the men.

Latest Trends of Men Kurtas For Eid ul Fitr

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Men kurtas are set in both the medium and long length. Normally kurtas are paired all along with the salwars. But some of the men even team it up with the jeans just for the sake of making their personality modern and trendy looking for others. In the past men kurtas were simple and plain in designing but now it is not so! Now men kurtas are set with the embroidery and prints that is done on the neckline, cufflinks and collars. Some of the kurtas are even set with the print designing on the back side as well. This simply make the kurtas eye catching looking for others.

Mostly the men kurtas are painted with the brighter and darker use of color shades for both summer and winter seasons. Some of the common colors that are found inside men kurtas for Eid ul Fitr are:

  1. Off white
  2. Black
  3. Maroon
  4. Purple
  5. Sea Green
  6. Sky Blue
  7. Grey
  8. Move
  9. Ferozi

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So all the men out there choose the best kurta design for yourself right now and make yourself fashionable looking for others on this Eid 2014!


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