Top Model Nadia Hussain Profile  is brining you the profile of Pakistan fashion industry’s top model Nadia Hussain. Nadia hussain is all about excellence and has gathered lot of eyes in very short span of time.

Fashion model Nadia Hussain is not only top model but also an actress and host. By qualification, Nadia Hussain is a dentist. Born on May 12, Nadia Hussain has a height of 5 feet 10 inches. This tall height makes this female model just perfect for ramp. Nadia Hussain has perfect and sharp features, and kind of style that fashion industry actually needs. The lady has maintained herself in such a nice way that her age does not match her.

Pakistani fashion model Nadia Hussain is not a camera shy. Reason of which is that this tall lady has been exposed to camera since very young age. Her aunty, Tina Sani, is a popular and well known singer of Pakistan. Nadia Hussain was introduced by Mubashir Khan in Pakistan Fashion Industry. As a kid, she has done crystal toothpaste commercial and a video for her aunty Tina Sani.

Till now, Pakistani fashion model Nadia Hussain has done different types of modeling and fashion shoots. Nadia Hussain is considered best for bridal shoots. She was even selected as one of the Bridal Asia in India. Nadia Hussain also keeps taking part in commercial campaigns. Today, she is well known in Pakistan as well as outside of Pakistan.

Personal Life:

This multi-dimensional woman was the student of Beacon house Public School. After her A-levels, she did BDS from Fatima Jinnah Dental College. Even though she is a model, she considers dentistry as her first profession. She says:

‘I have never thought of modeling, as a profession because I know one day it will have to end. Modeling has a very short time span. If I enjoy it, I will continue, but it will always be my hobby and my second profession.’

Nadia Hussain is married to Atif Khan, a stockbroker. The couple has two beautiful Kids.

 Nadia Hussain Portfolio


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