Top 5 Worst Actors Of Bollywood Industry

As at one side Bollywood world do highlight so many of the talented actor and actresses on the entertainment field. Then on the same side, there are so many of the celebrity stars who are hated because of their worst performance in terms of acting skills. Now without wasting any time let’s see that who are the top known worst actors in the Bollywood industry!

Top 5 Worst Actors Of Bollywood Industry

5. Kamal R Khan:

Kamal R Khan started his career in acting in the year 2008 and through just one film he turn out to be one of the worst actors of the Bollywood. His first film was an unsuccessful experience . But still he has huge sum of the fan following. He is known out to be the most irritating personality.

4. Harman Baweja:

In his so far career as being the professional actor, Harman Baweja has acted in just 5 films. He belongs to the film industry as his father was a producer and even made the debut through his father film but was not much appreciated. He merely got attention because of his love affair with Priyanka Chopra and look alike features of Hrithik Roshan.

3. Adhyayan Suman:



This actor of Bollywood also had a small professional acting career. He merely feature himself out in just 8 films from the time span of 2008 to 2015. He is the only son of Shekhar Suman. His first two films was a big hit but then later on he non-stop gave so many of the unsuccessful films.

2. Ashmit Patel:

He started working as assistant director on the professional level in the film industry. In the year 2003 he made his first appearance as an actor. In his 12 years of professional career he acted in just 10 films. He even spread his magic as being tv show host.

1. Upen Patel:

In the year 2006 he appeared as an actor in the film industry. He has done 9 films in his career in which one was atmil film. He was a super star but he could not catch the success of being a successful actor. He even appear as a contestant on the reality show big boss.

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