Top 5 Impressive Performances Of 2018

2018 experienced some of the best performances in the dramas by some of the well known actors and actresses that are worth to appreciate. Check out the best one! They definitely need a standing applause!

Top 5 Impressive Performances Of 2018

1. Mohsin Abbas Haider (Meri Guriya)

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Mohsin Abbas Haider’s has the versatility and talent is exemplary. He hence on the whole makes every character he chooses to play memorable by giving it his best. He is an actor who on the whole relies solely on his acting abilities and hard work. Mohsin Abbas Haider makes every scene and even expression count because of the way he pays attention to little details. He is playing the role of a rapist and murderer in drama serial Meri Guriya.

2. Sania Saeed (Meri Guriya)

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Every performance of Sania Saeed has always stayed out to be the ultimate example of the art of effortless acting. Sania Saeed’s expressions and so as the body language is always spontaneous because of which her portrayals are faultless. In drama serial Meri Gurya, Sania Saeed is playing the role of a strong mother whose daughter was raped and she fight to get justice.

3. Kinza Hashmi (Ishq Tamasha)

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Even though Ishq Tamasha hence flopped as a drama, but Kinza Hashmi does deserve a mention in this list. She hence grabbed the attention of the viewers. For the first time Kinza Hashmi shone as in any drama and did not hold back in showing her acting skills. Such an amazing performance by Kinza Hashmi did come as a surprise.

4. Noman Ijaz (Dar Si Jati Hei Sila)

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Noman Ijaz never hence ceases to impress and surprise the viewers with his amazing talent and limitless versatility. He is one of those very few gifted actors in our industry who can play any role assigned to them with precision. Noman Ijaz played the character of Joi in Dar Si Jati Hei Sila.

5. Farhan Saeed (Suno Chanda)

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Farhan Saeed has proved himself to be the brilliant actor who never disappoints. He was especially impressive in drama serial Suno Chanda. He can easily be termed as the best actor. Farhan Saeed was absolutely phenomenal as Arsal.

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