Top 5 Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015

Pakistan’s media industry is progressing day by day. Progress of our industry is due to work of our talented Pakistani Celebrities. But there are few celebrities who don’t like to play every kind of role. They are choosy about their work. Here we have list of Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015.


Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015:-

Sanam Baloch: Sanam Baloch is one of Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015. She has done amazing work. She does flawless acting. Her performance always wins hearts of people. But she’s very choosy about her projects. She prefers hosting than acting. She once said, “I find hosting less challenging and more fun because you don’t have to act while hosting, you can be your own self.”

See Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015

Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015


Mahira Khan: Mahira Khan is one of talented actresses of Pakistan. Whenever, she comes on screen she rocks it. All other actresses are seen in many dramas though out the work. But Mahira Khan works in one drama once a year but she ensures quality work. Mahira Khan prefers films instead of dramas.See Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015


Nadia Jamil: She’s old Pakistani actress who has worked only in few dramas. She leaves an everlasting impression on viewers through her performance. She did last drama in 2012. In one of her interviews she said, “TV tends to restrict you a lot. There is a lot of cast and takes involved. So eventually you lose your spontaneity. Then aren’t many good directors for TV. I just love working with Mehreen.”See Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015


Alishba Yousuf: Alishba Yousuf also appears in dramas rarely. She’s very choosy about her work. She doesn’t take so many interviews and doesn’t talk about her future plans.See Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015

Annie Jaffery: Annie Jaffery has also worked in a few dramas. She performs with style. She’s working for Burqa Avengers. She’s also choosy about her work.See Choosy Pakistani Celebrities of 2015Also see: Top 6 Pakistani Celebrities who left studies incomplete


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