Top 5 Celebrity Weddings In 2017

Did you miss the most wanted celebrity weddings of 2017? If yes, then you should not be missing out reading with this post right now. Here we will be bringing out with some of the names of top and famous celebrities who got married happily in 2017.

Top 5 Celebrity Weddings In 2017

1. Arij Fatyma:

Arij Fatyma got married in the year 2014 with Faraz Khan that was a brief wedding for a few weeks. Now she is once again married with her childhood friend. The wedding was a huge affair that was attended by family mates only.

2. Zaid Ali:

Zaid Ali wedding was one of the most wanted weddings of 2017. He got married to Yumna who was his good friend and was part of his so many videos too. Their wedding pictures were the main talk of the town on the social media that went so much viral.

3. Noman Habib



On the third, we have the name of Noman Habib who you might have caught in so many dramas like Choti Si Zindagi and Dramaybazian. In 2016, he got engaged to a girl Asma and the two got married as in the year 2017.

4. Azfar Rehman:

Azfar Rehman surprised so many of his fan following by getting married so suddenly. This handsome looking man tied the know with Fiya Sheikh. The ceremony was attended by huge numbers of media personalities.

5. Sidra Batool:

On the last we have the name of actress Sidra Batool who also tied the wedding knot in the year 2017. Her wedding celebrations was attended by a number of her showbiz friends.e
Apart from all such celebrities who got married and are currently living a happily life as well. To learn more about the inside stories of the showbiz world, just be the first to get yourself tune into this webpage right now!

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