The Fashion Statement of Indie Style Vegan Shoes

In the world of fashion, shoes are as important as the clothes themselves. And every person, whatever his or her clothing style, needs the perfect footwear to complete their fashion statement. As such, the shoe industry is as alive and trendy as the clothing industry is.

Indie Style Vegan Shoes by SwayChic (1)

When it comes to fashion, one of the clothing styles that is becoming more and more popular over the past few years is cute  dresses. This is an offshoot to the indie culture that was initiated by musicians and rock bands during the 70s-80s who wear distinctive clothing in order to set their genre apart from the majority. To this day, indie culture is about uniqueness and independence. Wearing of indie clothing is an expression of one’s desire to be different. The popularity of indie style is linked to the constant struggle of people from all over the world to be unique. In the indie fashion world, you are free to mix and match anything from shirts, to pants, to accessories and of course, shoes. Whatever the look you come up with is your unique creation and you’re not likely to meet anyone wearing exactly the same attire as yours.


Indie Style Vegan Shoes by SwayChic (3)

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of indie style vegan shoes for your footwear needs. The idea behind the production of these vegan  shoes is to offer an alternative to leather. Vegans believe that the use of leather is abusive to the animals from where leather is sourced from and that most of the production process poses alarming threat to the environment. Vegan shoes on the other hand use plant-based, environmental friendly materials.

Indie Style Vegan Shoes by SwayChic (2)


 In your mixing and matching, why not try on vegan shoes as well? Your indie clothing style and vegan shoes are perfect if you want to make a statement – not just a fashion statement but one that shows support for the protection of animals and the environment as a whole.

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