Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses 2016 For Women

Tena Durrani bridal dresses 2016 for women are here and it has been given the name of The Omorose Collection 2016. In this bridal collection which has been named ‘Omorose‘ has basically taken inspiration from all of the beautiful 18th century renaissance places and homes. If we go back to the 18th century renaissance places then we see that they had this spectacular and amazing looking interior of gold and also edged mirrors. They had ben oranted and embedded with silver gilded ceilings. That is why, in this collection Tena Durrani has come up with Intricate kind of embroideries, you will be able to catch up with flattering types of silhouettes. It is the time to love this bridal collection because it has the features of beauty and also comes along with the aspects of having splendour quality.

Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses 2016 For Brides

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This collection has been encompassed with soft creamy shades. You will be seeing these Tena Durrani bridal dresses 2016 in the colors of greens and also in the shades of golds and silvers, outfits will be carrying some rich kinds of jewel tone shades. For this collection, modeling has been done by Abeer Rizvi and Fouzia Aman. Zara Tareen has done the photography for this collection line and make up as well as styling has been done Wajid Khan. Lerngas, cholis, long shirts, double length shirts, long and loose trousers, sleeveless shirts are the highlight of this collection line.

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Tena Durrani face book fan page will also be giving you a detailed view and information with regard to its all of its upcoming bridal collection lines. Try wearing these Tena Durrani Bridal dresses 2016 on your wedding day and become the most beautiful and stunning looking bride of all times.


Pictures of Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses 2016

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