Taher Shah to Work in Hollywood Movie

According to Taher Shah, he is going to start working in Hollywood movie. Have you heard that Taher Shah to work in Hollywood movie? Well, the news has been confirmed by one of our official sources. We also visited the twitter account and official blog of Taher Shah to confirm.

Taher Shah to work in Hollywood

According to his official blog and social media accounts, Taher Shah has shown interest in Hollywood. It means, this Pakistani celeb and personality is ready to make his way in western world. The sources also confirmed that the movie he is planning to work is is based on his popular music video ‘Eye to Eye’. Taher Shah will be playing the lead role. The movie is going to be a love story, and its name is likely to be ‘Eye to Eye’.

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Taher Shah


When would the Hollywood movie of Taher Shah release

I am sure you are also curious to know when would the Hollywood movie of taher shah release. Well, it is expected that the movie will come at the end of next year, 2016. This is going to be screened at international film festivals. Taher Shah seems to be happy now a days and is enthusiastic for his Hollywood career. He has shared many news on social media and his online accounts to confirm that ‘Yes’, I am working in Hollywood. Taher further told to media that he is pleased to announce that he is going to start work in Hollywood. He further said that this news has been pre-released to make his fans happy.

‘Eye to Eye’ was released back in April 2013 on YouTube and had risen to fame in no time because of its innate comedy. The movie of taher shah is likely to be a big and proper sensation for all of the fans of taher.

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