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Far from being a tool for eye protection, sunglasses have become a fashion accessory that women and men can’t start their day without.

Large Fashion brands like Karen Walker, Gucci, Ray-Ban and the likes hold fashion shows to showcase their new lines of sunglasses for women and men with their bizarre new designs. They end up getting trending globally among everyone.

But not everyone can get access or afford expensive brands. Local companies start making copies and they get distributed all over the place. The cheap copies of sunglasses, which you get from these vendors never last that long. Various optical stores offer a wide variety of sunglasses and frames but their quality is low and prices are high. So where do we get good quality sunglasses which are not too heavy on our pockets?

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Summer Sunglasses Trends 2016

Before talking about the perfect outlet, let’s talk about the lifestyle collection of sunglasses that are trending this summer season of 2016.

Some designs from yesteryear seem like are here to stay. Aviators, wayfarers and over-sized frames are some timeless designs that people would not like to part with. But this year some new styles and designs have been introduced in the fashion arena which is quite interestingly bizarre and some are blast from the past.

Here are some of the shortlisted ones that are trending this Spring/Summer season of 2016, and are definitely added in the lust list of every woman and man in town. The Brow lined Gradient Sunglasses are number one on our list. You see all the famous celebrity lads and ladies wearing this style of shaded eyewear out in the sun; from Kit Harington to Bollywood actresses like Priyanka Chopra. Clad these classic sunglasses style with both the casual and formal look. Brow Lined sunnies are definitely suitable for those ladies who have a triangular shaped face. This way the details are focused on the upper portion, giving you a softer feature towards your jawline. Men and women both can wear these amazing sunglasses and make a retro statement for the season.


Second up on our list are the cat eyes framed sunglasses. Switch up your look with a cunning cat eyes effect on your eye wear. These 70s era inspired sunnies are definitely the must have pairs of sunglasses for women for this summery season. With some modernized twists you can give your look an instant statement. Angular silhouettes, jeweled adornments and oversized frames are the way to go with these cat eye frames. Ladies with oval face structures accentuate your high cheekbones with oversized frames and cat eyes peaks at the edges to get a flattering look.

Get the retro look with the double wired rim sunglasses. These lifestyle trending sunglasses are engineered for everyday life with their stylish design and comfortable hold. The double wired rims are structural, airy and light. Their lenses are designed like aviator adding an edgy twist with double wired bridge over the frame. With round or square lenses, these sunglasses compliment square structured faces perfectly as they offset the sharp features.

Step away because we have colored frames alert this season! Add bold colored frames and lenses to your look and set the difference between 2016 and 2015. From gold and glittering frames to bold fluorescent blues, it’s all about splash of colours this season. Wear your cat eyed sunnies in a yellow frame like Gwen Stefani or bright blue ones like Naomi Watts. Go neutral like warm amber sunnies on Jennifer Lawrence or sugary pink like Rihanna; it’s all about how you carry these colours this summer.

So where do we get these trending eye-wear from Pakistan? All of these sunglasses can be found at Tesoro Accessories outlet. For those who like to shop online, not to worry; Tesoro has that covered too. You can browse and buy sunglasses at, their new online store exclusively for women complete with premium quality accessories at an affordable range.

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